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Video Security System

Improve student safety on campus with school surveillance.

With Verkada’s intelligent, plug-and-play video security system, it’s simple to scale cameras and improve visibility across schools of any size.

Simple to install, manage, and maintain. Cameras are ready-to-use, out of the box. Within 15 minutes, the system is brought online and fully operational. With end-to-end encryption and automatic firmware updates, cameras are always secure and no complex configurations are required.

Improve visibility across campus. By centralizing camera feeds into an easy-to-use platform that requires no onboarding, find incidents of interest quickly. In emergency situations, share live feeds instantly via SMS or link and quickly get footage into the hands of first responders.

School security camera systems keep track of everyone entering and exiting school entrances, making it easy to spot intruders and prevent unauthorized visitors from entering school campuses.

With cameras deployed across campus—from parking lots, to stadiums, to hallways—it’s simple to monitor open areas that might be vulnerable to crime.

Having cameras on campus also deters poor student behaviors, such as bullying, and can improve overall experiences on campus.