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Value Protection Plan

We’ve got you covered.

How we walk the talk – a quick case:

When a manufacturer (that we used to carry) over-promised compatibility of their equipment with a customer’s systems and refused to take their boards back, we solved the problem. STS took back all 25 of the boards, no questions asked, and replaced them with 25 new Promethean 70” ActivPanels for free. We ate the difference instead of making it the customer’s problem.

Loss: >$100,000 | Gain: a customer for life.

Marc Netka, CEO
“We will make it right 100% of the time.”
– Marc Netka, CEO

And now for the fine print (Stuff the lawyers make us say.)


STS Return Policy

The STS Return Policy covers all computer hardware (including desktops, laptops, Chromebooks, tablets, and monitors that are certified to be STS Second-Life Hardware™, manufacturer-refurbished, or new equipment) sold by STS and comes with the following guarantee:

You may return merchandise to STS at your expense within 15 days of receipt of merchandise for a full refund. Merchandise must be received by STS in its original condition and in its original packaging.  Customer is responsible for shipping costs to STS and will incur a 20% restocking fee for returns outside this 15-day period.

If you experience any equipment problems within 60 days of purchase, STS will replace that equipment free of charge, including shipping to and from STS, excluding damage to hardware occurring outside of normal usage. STS will replace merchandise that may have been damaged in shipping, at no cost to the customer, if reported within 3 days of receipt.  For full replacement, all original packaging materials (i.e., corrugate, protective wrapping, pallets, etc.) must be intact.


Refurbished Computers Warranty and Repair Policy

Warranty replacement parts sent by STS for customer repair are free of charge and include free shipping. If desired, STS will repair or replace hardware purchased from STS, at the discretion of an STS technician, for an additional cost. The customer is responsible for packing and shipping equipment to STS and STS will pay for return shipping.

PC Laptops and Desktops
STS Second-Life Hardware™ and manufacturer-refurbished laptops and desktops have a lifetime parts warranty.

Chromebooks and Tablets
STS Second-Life Hardware™ and manufacturer-refurbished Chromebooks and tablets have a 90-day parts warranty.

Enhanced warranties, covering shipping and labor, are available.  Please contact your STS Education Technology Specialist for additional details.


New Hardware Warranties

All new equipment is covered under the original manufacturers’ warranties.  The customer is responsible for contacting the manufacturer for support and should follow their warranty protocol for issue resolution, prior to contacting STS.

Extended and Accidental Damage warranties, are available.  Please contact your STS Education Technology Specialist for additional details.


Parts-Only Transactions

All parts that are purchased separately are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship for 12 months from date of purchase. Damage occurring outside of normal usage and projector bulbs are not covered.  Free shipping is provided on parts orders over $500.


Battery* & Power Adapter End-User Limited Warranty

STS warrants all power adapters, laptop batteries*, and UPS batteries* (including those purchased with or within laptops and as separate parts) to be free from defects in material and workmanship for 12 months.  This end-user limited warranty is extended by STS to the original purchaser of any STS product, within these specific categories, and is not transferable.  You must contact the STS Customer Service Department (866-717-7606) and receive an RMA prior to creating a claim.

STS will repair or replace, at STS’s option, the defective STS product or any electronic device damaged by such STS product, under normal usage by the end-user.  Replacements will be made using new or refurbished product at STS’s discretion. The warranty on replacement product will be a continuation of the original product’s warranty, valid from the date of the original purchase.


*NOTE: The capacity of all rechargeable batteries will decline over time depending on the use and charging/discharging process. This is considered normal and therefore, a reduction in battery capacity is not covered under warranty. The battery is only warranted from defects in material or workmanship resulting in failures. Reduced runtime is not warranted and will vary depending on the power management settings and configurations that are set on the mobile device as well as the number of times the battery has been charged and discharged. Please be advised that rechargeable batteries are considered ‘consumable products’ and warranty coverage is limited to a battery not being able to receive and hold a charge.