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Professional Development with STS Education

Learning opportunities in education technology

Learning is a lifelong journey. We’re proud to provide education for educators.

Education technology works best when educators understand and feel comfortable blending it into their curricula and classrooms. We are committed to creating opportunities in which educators can learn and explore the ways technology can create a richer, more engaging classroom experience while meeting educational standards. Professional development through hands-on training and demonstration with technology experts is available through STS education.

STS education Onsite

Our doors are always open. Located in southern California, the STS education headquarters is happy to welcome educators, administrators, and students for tours and curated demonstrations. On site at STS education, you’ll find experts in education technology, interactive technology, and education software, as well as our team of SuperTechs. Schedule a professional development session at our facility, and an STS Education Technology Consultant will start working with you to plan your visit and establish your development goals.

Promethean Interactive Technology

The Promethean Professional Services team will develop a customized consultation and professional development plan for your educators. Each professional development plan begins with a pre-consultation to ensure your educators are receiving courses that will impact their everyday teaching, and all training sessions are designed to engage educators in curriculum focused learning.

Impero Software

Impero Software offers on-site professional development sessions to help educators and administrators maximize the benefit of their classroom management software. An Impero expert will consult with your staff on the goals of your professional development session then travel to your location and conduct your session with an emphasis on your unique areas of interest. Impero professional development sessions have helped hundreds of schools manage their technology resources, student safety, and curricular performance.