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Extended Life Services

Get the most out of your current computers

Get the most out of your current computers with our extended life services. Every computer has a certain lifespan. As devices age their functionality and reliability diminish; however, there are things that can be done to prolong their usability.


As a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher, we’ve perfected the craft of reconditioning computers to be first-class education technology. Since 2001 our 7-step reconditioning process has been providing Second-Life Hardware to North American schools. After external and internal inspections, cleaning, benchmarking, formatting, testing, and quality assurance check, we return your devices with our guarantee. Also during this process we can upgrade your devices by adding an SSD, increasing memory, and updating the OS to Windows 10.


Switch to Chrome without changing devices. Since Chromium OS requires less resources, it runs well on older devices. We can install Neverware conversion software, test, enroll, and register your PCs or Macs to a new, secure and manageable cloud-based OS.