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Hardware Buyback Program

Asset Value Recovery

What are you going to do with your aging computers?

1. Ship them to a recycle center.

2. Stack them in a storage room to collect dust.

3. Sell them to STS for cash or credit.

Discovery the hidden value.

Whether it is the existing computers in the classrooms or the closet with piles of previously used devices, you have value there.

We will evaluate your hardware and provide the best option for the biggest recovery. Believe it or not, the value of your current hardware may be greater if you retire it than repair it. Depending on the age and specifications of your current computers, STS will buy your existing hardware and give you cash or credit towards the purchase of newer, faster, and better machines.

AVR Examples

The following examples are current buy-back values for devices that schools have recently sold to us or traded in for newer computers.


Lenovo N21 or Dell 11 Model 3120 – $30*



Dell Latitude E6430 – $45*


Dell Optiplex 790/990 or HP Elite 8200 – $25*



Apple iPad 4 – $30*


For a full grading matrix on your units, contact an STS AVR Specialist.

Request your AVR quote.

1. Gather the Specs
Make – Model – Configuration – Count

2. Complete AVR inventory form
Provide details on the devices

3. Receive Your Quote
Valuation and recommendations

*The stated values are established by our audit and testing process and are representative of Grade “A” equipment. Values will vary based on device configuration, your location, and condition of equipment.

1 Configuration – 4gb RAM/16gb SSD with adapter
2 Configuration – i5 processor, 4gb RAM/160-250gb SATA HDD/DVD/wifi/working battery/adapter
3 Configuration – SFF/DT computer with i5 processor, 4gb RAM/160-250gb SATA HDD/DVD

4 Configuration – 16gb RAM/wifi/adapter unlocked and unenrolled
Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher
Hardware recovery

Connect with an Education Technology Consultant to start your Asset Value Recovery.