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STEAM Consulting

Helping schools navigate a new way.

Bring more critical thinking and creativity to your school with STEAM and prepare students for the global workforce.

Whether you are still thinking about it, have just started, or are well into the process, STS STEAM Consulting Services can help take the pressure off.

Our STEAM Consultant assists schools in planning, procuring, integrating, and implementing a comprehensive STEAM plan. A standard STEAM consulting package consists of four steps:

  1. Assessing the learning environment.
  2. Integrating technology solutions.
  3. Onboarding teachers.
  4. Reviewing student outcomes.

From start to finish and then back around again, we can assist you in every phase to ensure your STEAM plan is complete, effective, and sustaining.

Understanding that STEAM is much more than teaching science, technology, engineering, arts, and math is key to developing and implementing this approach to the learning process. There is a required connection between standards, assessments and lesson design. In this process-based learning, inquiry and collaboration are emphasized to create a problem-solving environment.

There are several pieces to the STEAM puzzle for completing the big picture that includes:

  • Collaborative planning
  • STEAM schema-mapping for curriculum and assessment design
  • Lesson implementation processes and strategies
  • Professional development for faculty
  • Accommodating a new way of teaching and learning


Putting those pieces together requires three phases of STEAM implementation.

Planning – Integrating – Maintaining

Planning – The only way to have a successful initiative is proper planning. It starts with Identifying your STEAM focus, resources, needs, and goals to set up your school for a well-rounded and balanced initiative.

Integrating – Incorporating new curriculums while training teachers is key for integrating a STEAM initiative. The shift to a 21st Century learning environment requires a modification in mindset and a transformation of the traditional teaching model.

Maintaining – STEAM Education is an ongoing process. From replenishment of supplies, professional development, measurement of results against goals, and adjustments to curriculums, schools must actively update to stay current.

There are also critical elements for STEAM schools that include:

  • Reliable Infrastructure
  • Digital Safety
  • Foundation Technology Devices
  • Digital Communication and Solutions


Prepare students for the global workforce.

STEAM education, which is based on critical thinking, collaboration, research, analysis, and creativity, requires a new blended learning environment. With this method, students learn how subjects are interrelated and how it can be applied to everyday life.

To provide students with this new approach, which creates a constantly evolving learning environment, schoolwide technology integration should be considered.

Let’s face it, change is difficult. But, you don’t have to go it alone. Get started by connecting with our STEAM Consultant.


STEAM Consulting Services

Assessments and Best Practices Recommendations – A successful program starts with a complete evaluation and consideration of options.

Vision and Goal Planning – Setting goals is the first step on the path for your STEAM plan and requires established timelines and student outcomes.

Technology Recommendations – Identifying technology solutions matched with curriculum enhances learning and builds modern skill sets.

Hardware and Software Procurement – Customized STEAM hardware and software packages save schools time and money.

Teacher Onboarding and Professional Development – Knowledge and training for teachers ensures students receive the best learning experience.

Year-end reviews and analysis – Student outcomes should be measured and evaluated against STEAM goals in preparation for the next school year.

New year adjustments and replenishment – Staying on track requires implementing changes for the next school year and identifying consumable replenishment needs.