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Classroom Management Software

Control. Security. Network.

Productive classrooms, supported networks, safer students

Impero Education Pro is a consolidated suite of network management, internet safety and
classroom control tools, designed to support IT teams, empower teachers and protect students.

Impero Education Pro features include:

  • Protecting students, using state-of- the-art online safety technology
  • Empowering teachers, with classroom control features and interactive teaching tools
  • Supporting school IT teams, with a host of remote control and network administration functionality
  • Compatible with all major operating systems, including PC, Mac, Chrome and IOS


Create the perfect digital learning lnvironment

From cloud-based filtering and self-harm alerts to teacher/student chat and screen-sharing, GoGuardian has everything you need for a successful tech program.

GoGuardian features include:

Tab Control
Guide students toward content by remotely opening or closing tabs

Lock Screen
Disable browsing on one or more devices with an optional announcement message.

Teacher/Student Chat
Turn on Chat to engage directly with individual students.

Enrich the learning experience

SmartClass creates a new form of collaborative learning environment. Teachers can see real-time screen activity and anything on screen can be monitored and shared. In the SmartClass classroom each student can work on a different application or document and perform research in any approved website.

Radix features include:

  • Unified interface
  • Easy Logistics
  • Multi-platform support
  • Multi-lingual
  • Screen sharing engine


Assessment, monitoring, collaboration and control

The solution saves teachers’ time, maintains students’ focus, and also improves learning outcomes – regardless of the preferred learning style.

NetSupport features include:

  • View and control students’ screens
  • Digital journals of key content
  • Teacher, T/A and Student apps
  • Show teacher’s screen to students
  • Internet metering and control