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Second-Life Hardware™

Better Performance, Better Value, Better Price

STS only procures 2-3 year-old Dell, Lenovo, HP and Apple computers of the highest quality and reconditions them to be First-Class Teaching Technology. Additionally, we do better than the original manufacturer’s warranty by adding a Lifetime Parts Warranty.


Where does STS get their Dell, Lenovo, HP, and Apple computers?

Fortune 500 companies regularly retire their computers after only 2-3 years of use. STS buys only the highest quality devices to become Second-Life Hardware™.

How do computers become Second-Life Hardware™?

Every machine is put through a rigorous 7-step inspection and performance testing process at our Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher facility.  Only machines that pass this inspection process become STS-certified and are then customized to meet your school’s specifications.

7-Step Process

Exterior inspection of second-life hardwareInternal Inspection of second-life hardwarebenchmarking second-life hardwareDrive formatting second-life hardwareStress Testing Refurbished HardwareFinished Cleaning of Refurbished HardwareQuality assurance of second-life hardware

Second-Life Hardware Comparison