It’s no secret that, when it comes to software and support and even whole operating systems, education is moving to the cloud. And why not, right? It’s hard to argue with the benefits. There’s a lot of clout to the cloud– easy to secure, easy to organize, and users access their personal digital space from any device. Cloud-based computing is a dream come true for education, And it just got even better, with Windows 10 S. If you’re not familiar with Windows 10 S, you’re about to be; we’re willing to bet that you’re at least a little familiar with Windows. Chances are, your school or district already runs on one or many Microsoft technology treasures, whether it’s your network or your classroom devices. With Windows 10 S being the newest edition to edtech’s teaching toolbox, it’s time to have a look at the new safe, speedy, scholastic benefits of Microsoft’s newest operating system.

Smooth Sailing

It’s light, it’s agile, it’s all about apps! At it’s core, Windows 10 S is a special version of its senior sibling, Windows 10, and that’s a good thing. With huge developer support and an endless catalog of software and apps, Windows has been the go-to operating system for decades. Now, Microsoft has successfully developed a streamlined Windows experience with an emphasis on education essentials– speed, support, sharing, and sustained use. The configurations whole design was inspired by the students and teachers– Microsoft has been super supportive of that, so they mean it! Windows S also supports some amazing assistive technology, features that meet all sorts of special needs. Screenless, voice and audio operation and even support for braille reading are just some of Windows 10 S’s awesome academic assisting.

Windows 10 S works with many devices

Super Student Safety

Student safety and the security of student data are no joke. When devices are being shared and students move from class to class or campus to campus, security just gets that much more complicated. Microsoft knows, and Microsoft understands, so Microsoft made sure that the S in Windows 10 S also stands for “security.” To help fortify their flashy new operating system, Microsoft included Windows Defender and it’s ongoing security support, providing a full-bodied front of data security and device monitoring. But before the big dogs like Windows Defender even have to bark, Windows 10 S powers up its protection by running exclusively through the Windows Store, so nothing gets to user before it gets checked out by Microsoft champs. Every app, every tool, everything on every Windows 10 S device is safeguarded by Microsoft security standards– even the web browser, Microsoft Edge, is student-safe, providing the protection education needs.

Microsoft's top tier security

Facilitating “Future Ready”

We’ve mentioned the apps, and let’s face it, apps are all the rage. Online, offline, they’re always inline with what learners of all learning levels need. With Windows 10 S accessing apps from the Microsoft Store, blended learning with 10 S teaches students with tools they be using in college and career. From Office 365 to Python, HTML, and C++ programming apps, students start working with real-world tools in the classroom. Most Microsoft Store apps work in both Windows 10 S and full Windows 10, playing up the cloud-based bedrock of the 10 S operating system and providing a pathway for personalization by really allowing users to access their academics anywhere. There’s an app for everything– gamify, engage, communicate, and elevate in the familiar and  widely used Windows environment.

Windows in action in the classroom