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New Hardware

Devices and Accessories

Classrooms come in many different sizes, subjects, and ages, and they can all benefit from technology tools that make lessons more effective and memorable. Our Education Technology Consultants work with you to identify the right technology for reaching your goals.


To prepare for the future, students need to experience the tools that await them in higher education and beyond. Versatile machines equipped to work in education and professional environments let students experience the full scope of applied technology. With these laptops, desktops, and Chromebooks, educators open doors to everything from fundamental keyboarding to advanced drafting and programming.

Interactive Displays

Engage students to a greater degree with technology in the classroom that encourages them to connect directly with the material. Visually stunning, touch-responsive multimedia displays let educators and students pull limitless resources into the classroom with a tap or swipe of their screens.

Support Devices

Some of the most vital pieces of hardware aren’t conventional devices. Organize, protect, and power your technology with charging carts and cubbies that support your daily education operation. Servers, routers, and networking equipment ensure students and staff can access information and collaborate through their devices. Parts solutions help you build on your existing technology capital by providing sustainable upgrade and repair options.