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Let’s talk technology

  • Gamification For This Generation September 12 by Karina Raun Posted in: Development, Technology Lesson Plans

    Whether you’ve been a player in the education game for the long haul or just a short while, chances are you’ve heard the term “gamification”– and if you haven’t, you’re hearing it here and now. Even if the term is new to you, gamification has been a time-tested teaching tool for decades. Think back to… Read more »

  • Oh What a Wonderful Windows July 27 by Justin Dakin Posted in: New Technology

    It’s no secret that, when it comes to software and support and even whole operating systems, education is moving to the cloud. And why not, right? It’s hard to argue with the benefits. There’s a lot of clout to the cloud– easy to secure, easy to organize, and users access their personal digital space from… Read more »

  • OneNote… to Rule Them All July 11 by Justin Dakin Posted in: Classroom Tech Tips

    With all the tools for schools that are floating around, we thought it’d be nice to take a little time and talk about one of the best, most-versatile, most-used, and most-helpful denizens in the education station, Microsoft OneNote. From everything we’ve seen and heard, OneNote really is the teachers’ pet! Here’s a perfect place to… Read more »

  • Microsoft for Education Microsoft Making Moves in Education June 28 by Karina Raun Posted in: Classroom Tech Tips, New Technology

    If you are sitting at your desk reading this blog, you are most likely in front of your PC.  With over 400 million devices running Windows 10 in 192 countries across the world,  Microsoft supports more than 1.2 billion users! Microsoft dominates most industries, and now they are taking a huge leap in the EdTech… Read more »