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Let’s talk technology

  • Microsoft for Education Microsoft Making Moves in Education June 28 by Karina Raun Posted in: Classroom Tech Tips, New Technology

    If you are sitting at your desk reading this blog, you are most likely in front of your PC.  With over 400 million devices running Windows 10 in 192 countries across the world,  Microsoft supports more than 1.2 billion users! Microsoft dominates most industries, and now they are taking a huge leap in the EdTech… Read more »

  • ISTE Conference ISTE 2017: What STS Education is Extra Excited About June 20 by Justin Dakin Posted in: New Technology

    ISTE 2017 conference is almost here, and we’re extra excited! Here’s why… Jad Abumrad of “Radiolab” We’d first like to salute and acknowledge all of the keynote speakers at this year’s ISTE conference. Each of these individuals is a champion of caring and learning, and it will be a treat to hear them speak. We… Read more »

  • virtual reality in education Rethinking Reality in the Classroom June 15 by Justin Dakin Posted in: Classroom Tech Tips, New Technology

    There’s an old saying– not so old it’s been forgotten– that goes, “your reality is what you make it.” Trite? Maybe. But it’s never been truer than now, and it goes double for education. While computers elevate lessons to territories in-silico, virtual and augmented reality are reshaping the classroom, not in the cloud or on… Read more »

  • Three Reasons for Reconditioned Technology in Education June 8 by Justin Dakin Posted in: Second-Life Technology

    More Curriculum for Your Coin Reconditioned hardware — it just costs less! You’re only comparing Apple hardware to Apple hardware, tablets to tablets, and laptops to laptops. So why doesn’t everyone buy refurbished? It always comes down to device capability and the performance needs of the end-users. In education, strict performance benchmarking isn’t always the… Read more »