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Let’s talk technology

  • Early Childhood Education Technology Trends in Early Childhood Education: Technology Trio May 25 by Justin Dakin Posted in: Classroom Tech Tips, White Glove Services

    We’ve been noticing an increase in ingenious tools making their way into the classrooms of our K-5 partners. Technology changes so quickly that sometimes it’s hard to stay ahead of the trends. But, we get to hear about the latest and greatest tools straight from the students and teachers that use them. So we wanted… Read more »

  • CUE Education Technology Conference Bringing CUE to You: Best in Show Tech Trio May 25 by Justin Dakin Posted in: New Technology

    Palm Desert wasn’t so deserted this March, with the CUE 2017 National Conference taking over the Palm Springs convention center, and we mean really taking it over– nearly 8,000 attendees rolled in like tech-savvy tumbleweeds to partake in the buffet of education technology opportunities. And STS Education was there too, of course! You may have… Read more »

  • Student Success Awards for Chromebook Laptop California Administrators Celebrate Student Perseverance May 10 by Justin Dakin Posted in: Students Talk

    For over twenty years, the Association of California School Administrators (ACSA) has been encouraging and recognizing the outstanding achievements of students throughout California’s public schools. The many regions of ACSA have weaved their 17,000 collective educators into a warm, quilt-like network of support. Every school and district within a region pursues equity and excellence in… Read more »

  • Laptop Battery Long Live the Laptop Battery! May 10 by Justin Dakin Posted in: New Technology

    Laptop batteries have always had a rough road, more so than most components. As users, we’re demanding; we expect a lot from our little battery buddies, and that’s ok. At least it’s ok until they stop working. When you’re left languishing over lost productivity, scrambling for a long-enough cord and an outlet close to the… Read more »